27 raw milk tanks completely in line with EHEDG guidelins for Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

Gpi delivered one of its largest orders in the form of a complete tank park for a new powdered milk factory in Gorinchem, belonging to Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods.

The project consisted of 27 milk tanks with a total capacity of 5 million litres.

The new production facility involved a completely new independent factory, with a planned production of around 48,000 tonnes per year. This corresponds to more than 7 tonnes of powdered milk per hour. The factory needs to be able to facilitate the entire process of powdered milk production, including bringing in the milk, then evaporating, drying and packaging it.

The tank park comprises both wet storage (e.g. raw milk, skimmed milk and cream tanks) as well as CIP duotanks and powder silos. The 27 tanks have a total storage/process capacity of approximately 5000 m3, and are designed and manufactured completely in line with EHEDG guidelines. The order also covered the insulating and assembling of the milk tanks on location in Gorinchem.

One of the reasons this project is special is due to the fact that the tanks stand on the roof and the bottoms stick through it. The support is combined with the sealing.

During the course of the project, we closely collaborated with GEA Process Engineering, which took care of the entire processing of the factory.

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