Quality & Certification

Quality is a mentality of the maker

Gpi has a Quality Control department that is independent of production and falls directly under management. Before production commences, the tests and inspections that are required according to the building standard and additional client requirements are determined. Our quality department carries out checks and part tests. At final acceptance, the client and our quality department are present as part of standard procedure. Gpi possesses all the equipment for carrying out diverse quality tests, so nothing is left to chance. If, despite all this, a product is defect, then you can be sure that we will quickly and adequately solve the issue.


Our clients may also make use of the following tests

Riboflavin test | X-rays
Penetration tests | Visual weld-inspection
Drain test | Pressure test/full-of-water-test
Roughness measurements | Vacuum box test
Thickness measurements


Quality is a mentality of makers. Customers experience quality when they are able to make use of our products for years without any problems. However, quality can, of course, simply be measured. Certifications offer a solid reference point for this. Below is an oversight of all the certifications and standards with which GPI’s processes and products comply.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 3834-2
  • PED Module H & H1
  • VCA** – Installation of stainless steel (pressure) tanks, equipment and installations
  • NEN-EN 1090
  • KIWA BRL-K756
  • KIWA BRL-K796

In addition to the certifications, we are a member of the EHEDG organisation, and our engineers are EHEDG trained. 

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Do you have any questions about our certification?
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Certified for stainless steel pressure vessels from 0.5 bar

Client trust is a must for us. Lloyds audited Gpi, and accredited the company to independently design and manufacture pressure tanks over 0.5 bar (H- + H1 certified). This means you as a client can trust that you are going into business with a reputable company. If the project concerns a PED installation, the project engineer will closely collaborate with the client and our own QA/QC employee in order to carry out a risk analysis and calculations, and set up a test & inspection plan. As a result, we are able to deliver a responsible and substantiated CE declaration for the PE pressure vessels ourselves, giving the process a short lead time.

Building codes

Gpi designs and provides tanks according to all customary standardised building codes. Even when only making a calculation or for questions relating to building codes and PED, we can help. Examples of codes dealt with at Gpi:

  • EN 13445
  • EN 14015
  • KIWA BRL-K756
  • KIWA BRL-K796
  • PGS 29
  • PGS 30
  • AD data sheet
  • RTOD
  • British Standard 2654
  • ASME

Machinery directive

If the machinery directive applies to an installation or tank, Gpi carries out RI&E in consultation with the client, and the necessary actions are taken so that Gpi can provide the CE certificate on delivery.

Tankbau - Prozessanlagen von Gpi Tanks - Mitarbeiter überprüft Prozess

ATEX certificate on mixing tank

The ATEX certificate guarantees an installation that is explosion protected. This may involve both fluids and powders. We would be happy to advise you on creating a safe and approved ATEX installation.


Naturally, we are always ready to allow third parties to carry out additional tests and checks, and are happy to collaborate on continual periodic tests on our products during the entire lifespan of the installations. In addition, it is possible to carry out an audit on our locations so that you can be assured of our quality in terms of the product and process.


In addition to engineering and production, we also assemble and install the kettles, tanks and related equipment we provide. The experienced, qualified and motivated professionals within our installation department are able to carry out any project efficiently within the set schedule. They work according to strict Gpi procedures and instructions, which are regularly audited by Lloyds.

Gpi is also VCA** certified. No assignment is not special enough for us. Whether placing and anchoring a tank with a diameter of six metres and a length of twenty metres, placing an orbitally-welded pipe system or building a tank under difficult conditions … good consultation with the client and thorough preparations ensure successful completion.


“Translating client requirements into a qualitatively good product requires teamwork.”

Martin Uittenbogaard – Quality control


Certification, standards and regulations

A licensing procedure can be a complicated matter. In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is important to carry out a good inventory of the standards etc. the installation (and tank) needs to comply with. Here, the regulatory bodies can reference various norms and standards during licensing, such as PGS 29, PGS 30, PGS 31, EN 14015 and EN 13445. Naturally, Gpi is knowledgable in the application of these regulations. We can professionally advise you on the acquisition of the correct licences, and can furthermore support you during the talks with governmental institutions.