Stainless steel silos

Silo tank manufacturer: grain silos and silo tanks for other industries

We are manufacturer of stainless steel silo tanks with a capacity up to 15.000 m3. This can be a single silo or a combination of a larger number of silos. We can support you with the most efficient silo design; we design and produce fully customised tanks, whereby the silos can consist of one or more compartments.

Experienced silo tank manufacturer: stainless steel silos for any industry

Gpi has over 25 years of experience in building stainless steel tanks and silos. Silos are widely used in the agricultural sector, but we also see them in the food and chemical industry. We can meet the specific requirements for each customer and each industry. Our experienced engineers can advise you on the most efficient silo design.


We manufacture funneled and flat-bottomed silos. Storage in stainless steel silos is safe and enables preservation of grain, flour, rapeseed, maize and other products. 

Silos are mainly used for long-term storage of grain, feed, wood pellets, milk (powder) and other bulk products. Flat-bottom silos or hopper silos with the right design ensure excellent air circulation. A silo must be durable, corrosion resistant and tailored to the needs of the facility where it will be installed.

With the right design for your application, your product will be stored under the right conditions and retain optimum quality.

Industrial silos can also serve as buffers at drying or purification plants.

Looking for a stainless steel silo manufacturer? Questions about our silos?

Stainless steel silos

We offer a wide range of storage silos and tanks made from different types of stainless steel. We use stainless steel 304 (L) and 316 (L), duplex, super duplex, depending entirely on the customer’s needs. Stainless steel is a very strong and maintenance-friendly material. Cleaning the silo is well possible with this material and it is highly resistant to various weather conditions and mechanical damage. 

High quality silos

Our production of stainless steel tanks meets high standards, and the safety and durability of the product is of paramount importance to us. We have extensive experience in the production of storage tanks, including for the storage of hazardous substances.

Read more about how we ensure our quality on our Quality & Certification page.

Fittings / characteristics silos

Our engineers combine years of experience and specialist knowledge with in-house calculation software; TankDesign 2.0 software enables tank optimisation, taking into account customer requirements, material selection and compliance with specific standards.

Gpi offers:

  • safe storage of the product,
  • fast emptying of the contents (for hopper models),
  • selection of the best material
  • resistance to weather conditions,
  • perfect tightness,
  • advanced ventilation system,
  • dedicated elements,
  • technical specification with 3D design,
  • support and full supervision by the project coordinator.

Silos and tanks can be equipped with additional features such as platforms, ladders, roof railing, sensors for level measurement, inspection hatch, dust filter, safety plates, heating system and thermal insulation. Our specialists will find the best solution and design the tank to meet the highest requirements.

Where do we build your silo(s)? How does the silo transport work?

We produce tanks with a capacity of up to 15 000 m3. We have a production hall in Lopik, The Netherlands, and our production hall in Groot-Ammers is directly connected to the river, where tanks can also be shipped directly. If transport is difficult or impossible, we can also build tanks directly on site.

Our projects


Cocoa mass tanks

Gpi has delivered 4x 30m³ tanks for one of its clients in the food-processing industry. These tanks are designed for the processing of cocoa mass. Cocoa mass is the basis for various chocolate products for both the food industry and consumers.

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Poedersilo's en mengsilo's voor Van Zutven

An impossible request

Van Zutven came to Gpi with an impossible request: the silos, which were ordered in April 2018, had to be delivered in June/July, otherwise the construction of the silo hall would stagnate.

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