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Gpi Tanks designs, manufactures, supplies and installs stainless steel tanks from 100 litres to 15,000 m³, in many designs for various industries. Discover here all the stainless steel tanks that we manufacture individually according to your requirements. Can't find what you are looking for? Our employees and engineers are more than happy to find suitable solution with you!

Stainless steel tanks

Stainless steel tanks come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, orientations and grades. But they have one thing in common: the ability to safely store or process products or liquids! At Gpi Tanks we offer you not only expertise but also years of experience with tank construction – we know exactly what will work for your business needs. We are happy to design a custom stainless steel tank that is perfect for both safety purposes as well as efficiency! Let our engineering team design your stainless steel tank today! With a variety of options, such as agitator, manhole, thermal plate, cooling or extra smooth inner walls, you are guaranteed to find the right solution for your branch of industry at Gpi Tanks. Discover our various stainless steel tanks and send us your requirements for a non-binding offer and advice.

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More stainless steel tanks

Are you looking for a stainless steel tank that meets all your requirements? As a manufacturer of stainless steel tanks, Gpi Tanks ensures reliable project management from design to installation and commissioning of your tank. Regardless of whether you are looking for a 100 liter stainless steel tank through to a 3,000 liter stainless steel tank or up to 15,000 HL.  Convince yourself of the possibilities and the different stainless steel containers that we build. We will be happy to advise.

silosy paszowe | silosy zbożowe | producent silosów nierdzewnych


Customised stainless steel silos for the storage of, for example, grain, chicken feed, wood pellets and milk (powder).

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Biertanks van Gpi tanks

Fermentation tanks

Fermentation tanks Gpi designs and produces custom-made fermentation tanks Contact The best-known yeast is brewer’s yeast. During the fermentation process when making beer and wine,

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Crystallisers for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We offer innovative solutions that satisfy strict requirements.

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API 650 storage tank

API 650 Tank

Tanks designed and manufactured according the American API 650 standard for welded flat-bottomed vertical storage tanks.

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Why stainless steel tanks?

Gpi is a respected manufacturer of stainless steel tanks in Europe. Our products are used by leaders in the chemical, cosmetics, beer and food industries, as well as by the largest dairy processors. We rely on stainless steel because it guarantees resistance to changing weather conditions and the effects of the stored substance. Above all, they are safe and durable.


Containers with conical and spiral bottom

The type of tank bottom used is not indifferent to the product that will be stored in it. It is important that the results are reproducible, irrespective of the amount of charge stored, such as syrup.

Industrial tanks

Due to limited space at the customer’s site or difficulties in transport, we can produce multi-storey, horizontal or even multi-chamber constructions. Thanks to such solutions many products can be safely stored in a small area.

In the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, stainless steel is the best solution for tank manufacturing. The storage of acids, liquefied gases, solvents, paraffin, glycol and electrolyte requires detailed analysis and experience when designing the tank.

Industrial tanks
Tanks manufactured according to the following standards and certificates:

Industrial tanks

Gpi specialises in manufacturing stainless steel tanks, reactors, mixers for various industries in any capacity. Pressure tanks, storage tanks with aseptic finish, conical and spun bottom are some of our flagship products. We specialise in fermentation tanks and large tanks for hazardous substances.

Designers choose the right mixer, heating-cooling method, insulation material and dedicated accessories such as balustrades, platforms.

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